After many years of working with children in my young adult life, earning my
degree in Child Development, and continuing to serve children and families, I
stepped into my most important role as a mom.

One of my favorite ways to connect with my daughter is by reading. It is
through this connection that I realized how much I loved picture books as a
kid. I can remember that shift from slowly having books with only a few pieces
of art and then slowly having none. As a child and young adult, I never liked
reading for fun. I saw it as something I needed to do for school and when I
wasn’t required to be stuck reading for school, I wanted nothing to do with it.
But this love of books and reading for fun was rekindled. I love seeing all the
illustrations, the design layout, and turning the page to what comes next.

When we made the choice that we wanted to homeschool my daughter in the
Summer of 2021, I saw how many books were filling the shelves with traditional
back-to-school books. I realized I had a book idea for a homeschool book
and with my daughter’s first year of homeschooling starting in Fall 2022, I
wanted to have a book for her to read.  With my husband cheering me on the
whole way, I created I Am a Homeschooler with the idea of creating books for
children that have a new narrative. I have so many ideas brewing, I can’t wait
to see where the adventure all goes from here.

I am so glad you can join me!